Being diagnosed with cancer will come as a terrible shock for most people. You may look back on the experience and remember it as all being ‘a bit of a blur’. Often you will be given so much information that you are only able to take in part of what you were told.

It is likely that you will also experience a huge range of emotions during the period immediately after diagnosis, and you will probably have many questions to ask about your condition and its treatment.


The following pages contain comprehensive, yet easy to understand information about bowel cancer and what may be ahead of you in the coming months. We hope this information will assist you at this difficult time and will be useful now, and in the weeks ahead, as you want to know more about your diagnosis and treatment options.


If it is easier for you to listen than to read, you can also watch some of the short films in which Louisa, one of our specialist nurse advisors, answers some of the questions we are asked most frequently.

Doctor with patient