Bowel cancer deaths drop by a third in 20 years

Posted on - 15/08/2017
Author: Jo Garnham

In response to figures published on August 15, 2017 by Cancer Research UK which show a 31 per cent decline in bowel cancer deaths over the past 20 years, Judith Brodie, interim chief executive at Beating Bowel Cancer said:

“Bowel Cancer is the UK’s second biggest killing cancer, so such a significant drop over the past 20 years is good news. Yet, more lives can be saved.


“Incidence rates increase sharply from age 50, however, the current screening age in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is 60. We want the government to reduce this to 50, in line with Scotland.


“Being diagnosed with bowel cancer at an early stage offers a 97% survival rate, whereas diagnosis at a later stage can reduce survival odds to as little as 7 per cent. If we are to continue with this downward trend, then we need more people taking the test.”