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Beating Bowel Cancer News

Beating Bowel Cancer aims to be the voice for bowel cancer.  To do that we want to make sure that…

Posted on - 18/11/2016

Many people are left with inconvenient symptoms following rectal surgery, but this is not a price to pay for making…

Posted on - 18/11/2016

Amanda was diagnosed with bowel cancer aged 39, after losing two stone in six weeks and suffering from stomach pain….

Posted on - 18/11/2016

Endoscopy is a key part of diagnosing bowel cancer and ensuring early treatment.  It’s where a thin, flexible telescope is…

Posted on - 04/11/2016

In a letter published in The Times today, Beating Bowel Cancer, the Alzheimer’s Society and Breast Cancer Now express their…

Posted on - 31/10/2016

Bowel Cancer News

Medical Xpress - 09/11/2016
New research shows locking a molecule could bypass bowel cancer’s defense against the drug cetuximab.
The Royal College of Radiologists - 08/11/2016
The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) today revealed an oncology workforce under strain.
NICE - 21/10/2016
In a draft guidance published today, the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended that everyone who...
The Telegraph - 20/07/2016
A new study suggests just a few mouthfuls of oily fish a day could reduce the risk of bowel cancer...
BBC News - 06/06/2016
Bowel cancer patients may avoid the need for colostomy bags if they are first treated by having an expandable tube...