Bowel Cancer Voices

Bowel Cancer Voices

Growing a community of people who want to share their experience of bowel cancer and support each other is right at the heart of what we do.


Bowel Cancer Voices are a diverse range of people in terms of age, gender, life experience, location and medical history. What they have in common is a bowel cancer diagnosis (either themselves or a relative or friend), and a desire to give something back.


There are many activities to get involved with as a Bowel Cancer Voice including:

  • Patient-to-patient support: Some members of our Bowel Cancer Voices are willing to talk to others about their experience of bowel cancer and support them through their treatment.
  • Raising awareness: Bowel Cancer Voices raise awareness in a number of ways which can include distributing leaflets and posters in their local area, talking to the media or lobbying their MP.
  • Fundraising: Many group members want to support our work by organising events in their local area to raise vital funds for Beating Bowel Cancer.
  • Telling your story: Whether you’re a patient or a loved one, sharing your experience is a powerful way of engaging and inspiring others. Everybody’s cancer experience is unique and different, and sharing your wisdom is a wonderful thing for people newly diagnosed or less far along the road than you. Your story may appear on our popular social media channels, or it may feature in our magazine.


If you would like to join our Bowel Cancer Voices, email our nurses to find out more or you can register on our Share Your Story page (takes you to our Bowel Cancer UK site).