Steve C’s story

Steve Clark was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in May 2013. He had a very large primary tumour and secondaries in his liver and both lungs but says he was very lucky in that following a bowel resection and intensive chemotherapy, the cancer was brought under control and he was left with just three small dots in his lungs. Steve has been on maintenance chemotherapy ever since which has helped keep things under control.

Steve Clark

“I first came across Beating Bowel Cancer immediately following my diagnosis via their excellent patient information booklets, subsequently I also found their online forum a great source of information and support.


“I’m proud to represent Beating Bowel Cancer as a Patient Voice, Forum Moderator, campaigner and fundraiser.

Patient Support:

  • As a Forum Moderator, I’m part of a small team that helps to keep the forum a safe place for everyone as well as offering advice and support whenever possible. I have made almost 3,000 posts to date;
  • Via the charity’s Nurse Helpline, I offer telephone support and advice to patients who need to speak with someone who has been through the same as them. This includes people struggling with their diagnosis or who find the prospect of long term maintenance chemotherapy daunting;
  • I‘ve helped to write updates of patient information booklets and factsheets, including introducing advice on ‘how to get the most from your chemo’.

Representing Bowel Cancer Patients

  • Recently I was a guest speaker at a medical conference, this was for the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland at their inaugural IMPACT meeting (Improving Management of Patients with Advanced Colorectal Tumours). Here I presented on gaps in care and how they can be bridged;
Steve Clark and Theresa May MP
  • Last year I was on the platform in a discussion panel at the European Patient Forum, a pharmaceutical industry event where they are trying to improve how pharma supports patients;
  • I have also presented to two pharmaceutical companies who work in colon cancer care to give them insight into what it is like being a person with advanced bowel cancer and what they can do to offer more support;
  • I met with The Right Honourable Theresa May MP just before she became Prime Minister to discuss the needs of bowel cancer patients.
A man shaving


  • Since diagnosis I have raised more than £12,000 via specially organised events such as yoga workshops, spinathons, choir concerts and sponsored beard growing.
  • As I prepare for my fifth anniversary of my diagnosis, I am working on my Strive for Five campaign which will include monthly activities and what will hopefully become a viral programme on social media. These all have the objectives of fundraising and/or raising disease awareness