Helen’s story

The opportunity that Beating Bowel Cancer gives me for raising awareness about the symptoms of bowel cancer is what first got me involved with the charity: I know from my own experience how important it is for bowel cancer to be caught early enough and I feel very fortunate that I’m still well 7 years after a diagnosis of bowel cancer.

Helen JonesFor me, the diagnosis of cancer was an indescribable shock. The information that Beating Bowel Cancer disseminates and the nurses’ helpline can help to mitigate the shock so raising money in order for this to happen is also important.


After a demanding and responsible career in an entirely different field, volunteering for Beating Bowel Cancer suits me well: it is worthwhile, flexible and fits in with my lifestyle. I can volunteer whenever it is convenient for me and for as long or short a time as I like.


I’m not locked into a specific regular commitment. The Beating Bowel Cancer team are friendly and easy to work alongside and the work is varied, from helping in the office, collecting in the street at Christmas and helping to staff an information desk out in the community.