Allison’s story

Allison Etienne lives in Surrey and is kept busy looking after her grandchildren. She gives up her time to cheer on our fundraisers at events, most recently at RideLondon.

Allison Etienne n Grandson“It’s so much fun,” she says. “I love supporting the cyclists. I try to do the cheering every year at RideLondon and we go together as a family.”


Beating Bowel Cancer is a charity close to Allison’s heart: “I have lost friends and family to bowel cancer and recently a friend has had an operation for bowel cancer and he is currently in recovery stages.


“By volunteering I hope to raise awareness of a cancer that is not heard of enough especially in men who do not get themselves checked out on a regular basis.


“My volunteering hopefully will make people aware – when we are cheering we proudly wear the Beating Bowel Cancer t-shirt so all the cyclists see and hear us as well as people around us.


“If we can share our message that Beating Bowel Cancer is here then it is worth volunteering for!

Allison Etienne


“It’s a great charity to support and a great way to raise awareness – bowel cancer can affect anybody.


“Volunteering will help the charity to get funds so that we can eradicate bowel cancer. There is a very high and unnecessary ration of people dying of bowel cancer because they are diagnosed too late.”