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Organise your own fundraising

Your donations

Beating Bowel Cancer are non-government funded and rely solely on voluntary donations and gifts in Wills.


Help make your donation go even further, have you thought about Gift Aid? Or does your company do Match Giving? It’s where you can ask your company to match your fundraising total – meaning we can help more people affected by bowel cancer.

Three easy ways to pay in your donation.

If you raised money through JustGiving you can sit back and relax – your money is already with us! If you collected money in person, then you can send in your sponsorship in the following ways:


  1. Send a cheque made payable to Beating Bowel Cancer and send to the charity at Harlequin House, 7 High Street, Teddington, TW11 8EE (don’t forget to let us know your name so we know who to thank!)
  2. Pay over the phone by calling 020 8614 3853 and using a credit or debit card. We will then send you out a confirmation and your receipt.



Organising your own event safely.

This is a handy step guide to help you consider health & safety and any legal requirements to consider when organising your own event. Be safe, but have fun.


  1. Raffles
    Holding a raffle is a great way to raise money and awareness for Beating Bowel Cancer. However, there are certain rules governing raffles which should be adhered to and in some circumstances, you may require a licence from your local authority. Please check ask if you are not sure.
  2. Gift Aid
    When you are fundraising we encourage you to ask your sponsors to add Gift Aid to their donations, as this enables us to reclaim 25% of the value of the donation back from HMRC at no extra cost to them.  In addition, we are unable to claim Gift Aid from any ‘connected persons’ as defined by HMRC:A ‘connected person’ is:
    – a wife, husband or civil partner
    – a brother, sister, parent or grandchild
    – the wife, husband or civil partner of a relative
    – a company under the control of the donor, or under control of connected persons
    If you have any questions about Gift Aid, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  3. Beating Bowel Cancer Branding
    By law, Beating Bowel Cancer’s charity registration no. 1063614 (England & Wales) and SCO43340 (Scotland) must appear on all posters and advertisements that invite people to participate or help.
  4. Risk assessment
    Many venues will require you to evaluate any risks that your event may involve and how you will mitigate these. We can provide you with a template risk assessment and are happy to chat through the things you’ll need to consider.
  5. Insurance
    Please remember that you are responsible for any fundraising activity that you hold and Beating Bowel Cancer cannot accept liability for any fundraising activity or event you undertake. If you’re planning an event that involves the general public you’ll need to budget for public liability insurance, this can be obtained from any insurer. Always check with your venue.
  6. First aid cover
    Make sure that you have suitable emergency and first aid procedures in place. Decide if a first aid box is sufficient or if you need a qualified first aider.
  7. Keep your money safePlan ahead where to store money securely during the event and how to transport it from the event to safekeeping – take care of your personal security please do not travel alone.
  8. Car parking
    Ensure that there is a safe route for pedestrians. If someone is marshalling the cars, make sure they can be seen clearly in a high visibility jacket.
  9. Food hygiene
    When selling food at your event, remember to store it appropriately and keep children and animals out of the preparation areas. Always provide appropriate clothing (e.g. plastic gloves, aprons) and do not forget to label all food that contains nuts or other allergens. Make sure you follow the food hygiene regulations and advice at
  10. Licensing
    If you want to collect money on the street, sell alcohol at your event or provide public entertainment, you might need a licence from your local council. If you’re not sure contact us and we will help advise you.