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Working with pharmaceutical companies

The vast majority of Beating Bowel Cancer’s income is raised through individual donations from committed people whose lives have been touched by bowel cancer. These are patients as well as their families and friends who raise funds for the charity through activities and events.


Some of our funding comes from partnerships with companies. Beating Bowel Cancer receives support from a range of companies with an interest in bowel cancer as part of a diverse fundraising strategy.


The support provided by companies has made an important contribution to our work on behalf of people affected by bowel cancer.


The income from pharmaceutical companies in 2015-16 was £49,000 (£94,000 in 2014-15). This represents 2% of our income (4% in 2014-15).


As a patient-centred organisation, our experience shows that bowel cancer patients want us to work in partnership with key players in the cancer field; from doctors and nurses, to corporate partners in all areas.


However, we remain entirely independent as a charity and we only accept funding for activities that are within our national strategy. No attempt is made on the part of the companies to influence our policy, direction or action either explicitly or implicitly and we are proud of our independent position in this regard.


More detail about the funding we received in the last two financial years from corporate companies can be found in our working with pharmaceutical companies policy statement.