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Steve’s Christmas appeal

My name is Steve Guy, and this is my second Christmas alone. I hadn’t expected that by 2015 I would have lost my wife. We had expected to grow old together, but that was not to be.

In sharing my story I’d like to ask you to join me in raising desperately needed funds to ensure that others have somewhere to turn to, and be supported when they face a bowel cancer diagnosis.


steve-and-wendy-guyWhen my wife Wendy was diagnosed with bowel cancer we were both thrown into confusion. We didn’t know who or where to turn to for answers, let alone help.


What we didn’t realise is that someone gets a bowel cancer diagnosis every 15 minutes – that’s 110 people every single day. We didn’t know for a minute that bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in the UK. It just isn’t talked about enough.


In January 2015 Wendy first went to the doctor. Diagnosed at an advanced stage she had to have an operation, and then started her first chemotherapy . Life slowly became more and more difficult. You have to keep looking forward and stay positive – but I needed to find out as much as I could about the disease and we didn’t know where to turn.


Though we found the hospital staff immensely kind and helpful, they were very pushed for time and were not able therefore to spend the time we needed answering the multitude of questions and concerns that we had.wendy-hospital


We felt isolated and alone. It was so unfair, so confusing. Wendy didn’t deserve what was happening to her. Does anybody?


At the same time I felt very proud. Proud as she continued to think of others, proud because she was so open and honest, inspiring us all with her bravery and hope for the future. However a lot of the time I felt angry – but there was no one to be angry with.


It was Wendy’s first call to Beating Bowel Cancer’s helpline that changed everything. A specialist nurse who was an expert in the disease gave us the time and support to help us make sense of what was going on. From that moment on we were helped every step of the way.



Can you please help me support Beating Bowel Cancer’s helpline, information and support services with a gift of £25 so that other patients and families won’t have to face this disease alone?


It is hard to think that there are 41,000 people every year being diagnosed and in urgent need of information and support. Your gift of £25 could help cover the cost of providing a Beating Bowel Cancer nurse to answer a call to its helpline and deal with the difficult questions people have about treatment.


My story doesn’t have a happy ending. A year ago Wendy passed away. She had been so many things to so many people – a wife, mother, daughter and friend.


Wendy fitted that classic description of someone who could ‘light up a room.’ She had an enormous heart and I feel truly privileged to have spent fourteen amazing years by her side. Those were fourteen years filled with love, joy and fun and I miss her terribly.


Facing bowel cancer at any stage is a daunting prospect, but no one has to, nor should go through that alone. Will you please help bring hope and support to others with a gift of £25 today?


Thank you and best wishes for the festive season.


Steve Guy on behalf of my family and this wonderful charity that helped us through the most difficult time.



Please donate and help us ease the heartache of bowel cancer.


£100 could fund a place at a Family and Friends or Patient Day.

£50 could cover the cost of our online forum for a day where patients, their families and friends can get answers to their worries and concerns, day or night.


£25 could cover the cost of a call to our helpline, where a patient or their loved one can get specialist support from one of our dedicated bowel cancer nurses.


£10 could cover the cost of ten Family & Friends booklets, providing anxious loved ones with everything they need to know about supporting a bowel cancer patient.



We won’t give up until everyone affected by bowel cancer gets the support they need.