Bowel Cancer Symptoms

Have you experienced any of these symptoms for three weeks or more?

  • A change in your bowel habit

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    Has your normal bowel habit changed? Are you going to the toilet more often or experiencing looser poo (diarrhoea). Do you have constipation, a feeling of fullness or incomplete emptying of your back passage after going to the toilet?

  • Bleeding from the bottom or blood in your poo

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    Have you noticed bleeding from your bottom with no obvious reason such as local soreness, piles (haemorrhoids) or tears (anal fissures)? Have you tried over the counter remedies, but the condition has not improved?

  • Pain in your abdomen (tummy)

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    Do you have constant or intermittent pain anywhere in your abdomen? It may be linked to going to the toilet or it might come and go like cramps or colic.

  • A lump in your abdomen (tummy)

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    Can you feel a new, unexplained lump in your abdomen (tummy) which doesn't go away?

  • Unexplained tiredness, dizziness or breathlessness

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    Do you feel constantly tired, dizzy or breathless? Are you looking paler than usual? These may be signs of anaemia (low iron levels in your blood).

  • Unexplained weight loss

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    Have you lost weight without dieting, maybe due to reduced appetite, feeling bloated or sick?

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