The Bottom Line - a digital campaign

The Bottom Line was launched for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month 2011.


£3 Bowel Cancer Challenge - thank you

The Bottom Line was produced with the funds raised by our £3 Bowel Cancer Challenge. Thanks to everybody who took up the challenge or donated to a challenge page.  This film wouldn't have been possible without you.

Campaign aims

The Bottom Line aims to raise awareness of symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis amongst men over the age of 40.  The film was created in response to data that shows a lack of awareness of bowel cancer symptoms, particularly prevalent amongst men.


The Bottom Line is a three minute film about a man who discovers he has the symptoms of bowel cancer. The screen then splits into two and shows alternative outcomes: one in which he goes to the doctor and has treatment; another in which he ignores the symptoms.  The film, along with the question 'What would you do?' was spread virally through social media, and online advertising.  Each week throughout April we gave away £50 vouchers, kindly donated by John Lewis to followers of our Twitter page who helped spread The Bottom Line to a wider audience.
  • The Bottom Line was viewed over 5,000 times during April 2011
  • the film is now hosted on NHS Choices website
  • the campaign was named as Digital Campaign of the Week by The Third Sector
  • we grew our social media community by over 600 people
The campaign was a great success and helped to save lives by spreading messages about the symptoms of bowel cancer and the importance of early diagnosis. As a direct result of the campaign, the number of visits to the patient support pages of our website increased, as did the number of people contacting our nurses.  The film will have longevity as a tool on our website to show why it is so important to act on symptoms early.
Thank you to everybody who gave their support, and helped to raise awareness of the symptoms of bowel cancer and the importance of early diagnosis, by passing the film on to friends, family and colleagues.

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