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Our work in Scotland

Bowel cancer places a significant burden on the health service in Scotland. It affects 4,000 patients each year but people are still being diagnosed too late and long-term survival is poor. Furthermore, Beating Bowel Cancer hears from patients who are not receiving the support or services that we would like to see delivered.

For a number of years, Beating Bowel Cancer has received reports from patients in Scotland who have had difficulty accessing the best services for them, whether it be the drug that their clinician wishes to prescribe, or receiving the support of a bowel cancer clinical nurse specialist.


We are keen to ensure that all bowel cancer patients receive high quality services, improving their outcomes and experience along the way. This report makes an assessment of recent progress, setting out whether cancer plans and strategies in Scotland have had the desired impact. It also makes recommendations on how things could be improved.


We are calling for better publication of data on bowel cancer in Scotland, a speedy review of access to newly licensed treatments and the introduction of measures to improve bowel cancer screening. Beating Bowel Cancer is committed to working with the local NHS, parliamentarians and the Scottish Government to identify the best way to implement these changes.


It is only by working together that we will be able to improve outcomes for patients across Scotland. This report undertakes an assessment of existing policies on cancer in Scotland and makes recommendations for how services and outcomes can be improved.


For further information, you can read our report Better bowel cancer care in Scotland.